Using The Lobby

When an application opens, the lobby or lobby opens automatically. The lobby shows all available money games and tournaments with their respective game details per table. The number of details such as number of players watching the flop, pot value, and hands played per hour varies between poker rooms. The details of the lobby provide great information on whether the game is soft, passive or strong. Some rooms also have a “find-a-player” function, among other useful conveniences.

Most strong players use the lobby extensively for the purpose of locating auspicious games where the flop viewing percentage, average pots and player profiles per table, etc., are advantageous to their playing styles.

This is called table selection. Some poker rooms do not publish certain information such as the flop viewing percentage in an effort to protect the weaker players of sharks by looking for easy bait. Often these players can still locate the softer games by analyzing the average well, although some of the high pit tables can be strong / aggressive with many hands advancing to the confrontation.

Table selection is important when maximizing winnings and playing against the most appropriate players. Most poker rooms allow you to enter waiting lists for more specific tables if there is no free seat and a good table. If you do not request a seat at that specific table, you will be online in the next game at that limit, which may not be as good for you. You will be automatically notified when a seat is available. Frequently, you can be online for at least 4 tables, so you can afford to be picked and wait.

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